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About FONE

What is Friends Of Neighborhood Education  - FONE?


The Friends Of Neighborhood Education (FONE) is a coalition of more than 40 Friends groups that 

believes that a first-class education, within a safe school setting, should be the right of every child in 

Philadelphia and the entire United States. It also believes that such an education should be provided 

inherently and without reservations.  


FONE exists to help create mentor-protégé relationships between more experienced and upstart groups, 

to create networks of support and development for neighborhood school leaders, and to spread the 

good news about neighborhood public schools.  

What is a "Friends" group?


In dozens of communities across this City, parents and community members have formed partnerships 

to support neighborhood public schools, in order to foster a robust learning environment for 

neighborhood children.   


Friends groups are formed as a means to help facilitate the involvement and support of community 

members living within and near our neighborhood school catchments.  The goal is to help support 

current and future staff, teachers, students and families in their effort to create and maintain a 

successful and safe school environment for all children who attend neighborhood schools.


For more information or to get involved, email

Download the FONE 1-pager here: 

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