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The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition (PCC) was founded in 2008 to address zoning reform and the AVI realty tax assessments and incorporated in 2014 to advocate on a non-partisan basis for quality of life issues and, further, to share resources, best practices and economies of scale for the benefit of the Coalition and of its member organizations. The PCC is a Pennsylvania 501c3 nonprofit corporation directed by a board of volunteers nominated by a federation of Registered Community Organizations.  



At an April 2014 organizational meeting, the Coalition identified four topical areas for committee activities:

  • Schools & Education    

  • Taxes & City Finance

  • Zoning & Land Use      

  • Anti-SLAPP Legislation


At the 2017 Delegates Assembly, the Coalition formed additional committees:

  • Affordable housing

  • Parking & Transportation

  • Sustainability


The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition includes 27 Registered Community Organizations representing neighborhoods from Roxborough to Packer Park, from Society Hill to Cobbs Creek.  The PCC tracks legislation, primarily as it relates to our topical committees, to ensure our legislators are working for our communities.  PCC has the expertise to help you understand how legislation can impact your community.    



  • Unite for Clout:  Join a growing, dynamic Advocacy Group - have your community's voice heard; weigh in on key issues and educate policymakers

  • Stay informed:  Stay on top of key legislative issues and bills that impact the City and your community


  • Network and Learn from other Civic Associations:  No need to reinvent the wheel - learn from others’ experiences - a think tank for RCOs


  • Pool Your Expertise/Connections:  Tap into the political/ governmental contacts and the legal, design and organizational skills of sister civics


  • Make new friends!

To join, contact our Treasurer, gene.desyatnik at

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