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The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition is a PA non-partisan, non-profit corporation created in 2014.  It is directed by an elected board of volunteers nominated by its members, who represent a federation of dues-paying civic associations in good standing with the Planning Commission as a Registered Community Organization (RCO), who have come together to advocate for improving the quality of life, as well as to support each other through the sharing of  information, resources, best practices and realize economies of scale for the benefit of its member organizations in order to empower member RCOs to best fulfill their obligations under the zoning code.
Generally six meetings are held per year, hosted by our different civic members throughout the City. Each meeting has a guest speaker, usually an elected or appointed leader, invited to address specific and timely concerns. We also have working meetings where delegates exchange information, share expertise and resources in tackling similar issues, and through power in numbers, agree to advocate around certain city wide issues. Prospective RCO members are welcome to attend as guests. 

Is your RCO interested in joining us?  There's power in numbers! Contact  gene desyatnik at gmail for an application and invoice.


As part of the Lenfest Institute EveryVote/EveryVoice project, Crosstown Coalition is hosting two Mayoral Forums. Reserve admission via links below.

Hall of Flags - Entrance and HC access direct from street on right side 

Main auditorium, seating first come first serve

The Coalition has no relation to, and is not to be confused with "Citywide RCO Coalition of Philadelphia" 

 Meetings held the fourth Monday of most months, Sept-June at 6:30pm. Locations vary

Representatives from all Philadelphia RCO's are welcome to attend.   Email gene.desyatnik at to join as a member RCO.

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